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 looking for help...

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PostSubject: looking for help...   Mon Mar 08, 2010 4:28 pm

okay here's my dilema, i keep writeing lists that seem balanced but they get wracked but just about everything they face. so asking for some help. i have very little critera. but here it is.

2000 points, tyranids.

NO TERVIGON'S!!!!! thats the most importnat thing.
second, i want to be able to deal with Mech'd up armies since almost everyone runs mech. but i also want to be able to handle the squishes that are inside.

some of what i have that is definatly staying

DOOM in a spore @ 130 points
a unit of 20 hormagaunts @ 200 points
Tyranid prime @95 points (perfer to keep hi mwith some warriors)
trygon prime @ 240 bare , 275 if i keep regen and furious charge.

so i'm at 675, but it's the rest i'm willing to work with. (if we do add warriors i prefer them to be armed with death spitters since thats what i have modeled already).

some idea's i've thought about but i'm not sure
6 warriors @ 210

20 devildaunts @ 200

3 hive guard @ 150

2 zoanthropes in a pod @ 160

2 carnifex, 1 with a heavy vennom cannon @ 345

20 gargoyles @ 160

and 100 points to spare. downside is now i have no stealers.

basically asking here cause i dont want to build what i think is a good list, spend the money then find out it's a crappy list.
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PostSubject: Re: looking for help...   Tue Mar 09, 2010 9:09 pm

Hey mike,

just reading your post here and I'd like to help out. It's difficult to give advice when I don't have an idea of how you're getting wrecked in games. What do you typically do in games? How much of your army do you reserve and how? What does your deployment look like? What missions are you having trouble with (annihilation, Seize ground, capture and control)?

what have other guys been doing to beat you?
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Posts : 119
Join date : 2009-11-13
Age : 34

PostSubject: Re: looking for help...   Tue Mar 09, 2010 9:16 pm

start with 1-3 units on the board the rest is either infiltrate, outflank or deep strike. all my reserves come in with a +1. i try to deploy behind cover to make the units on hte board last a little longer. and as to the missions....umm all of them. i'm just having a hell of a time against mech, cant seem to pop them open fast enough. and melta/las-cannon spam tear me to shreads, wether it's droping a 250 point MC in 1 turn of multpie squards of my troops. and it seems the deep strike/spore list is 50/50 sometimes a lot comes in turn 2 like planed, other times i get horriably piece-meal'd. sorry for spelling, typing fast early day tommorrow need sleep.
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Join date : 2009-08-15

PostSubject: Re: looking for help...   Tue Mar 09, 2010 9:48 pm

Hmm. Sounds like you need to master the art of cover saves. You've got build you list around a couple things.

First off, in 5th troops are important to win games in 2 of the 3 missions. So you need your troops to survive till the end of the game in those mission so you can move out to claim objectives.

Secondly, you need some thing big and threatening to soak up lots of the attention and dish out the pain. Something like a big hive tyrant with wings or mawloc or something nasty like that. This needs to be super killy and extra tough bear in mind its primary function is to get up in your opponents face and draw his attention away from the rest of your army.

Then you need some support units that clear the way for this big guy and protect your troops. Like...tyranid warriors with guns or something. They need to be able to move of course and need to be able to shoot lots of shots. Things like zoanthropes could also work in this role me thinks.

The basic strategy is, move out with your big guy to distract the enemy and cause damage, while the rest of your army gets into position for the win.

without knowing squat about the tyranid codex, this is what I would be aiming to do generally. An ideal of mine for nids might be

Attack units:
Hive Tyrant with wings super killy.
Mawloc (deepstrikes ion a flank to join the tyrant in his attack)
Carnifex (with thickest armor possible) in a pod
choose your enemies weakest point and go on full attack, make the enemy deal with them

3 Zoanthropes
Warriors with guns.
Flying dudes. (are they troops? because they would make awesome troops for claiming objectives)
These guys support the attack and take out targets of opportunity

Objective claiming:
2 units of the biggest hoard of little dudes you can get. think 30 little dudes
1 unit of genestealers.
Warriors as troop for synapse here.
These guys try to survive to the end of the game so you can claim objectives.
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Posts : 119
Join date : 2009-11-13
Age : 34

PostSubject: Re: looking for help...   Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:38 am

problem there is all that "get up in your face" stuff only has a 3+ save at best (a walking tyrant can have 2+ though) makeing them easy targets for the countless melta's and las-can's i face. warriors are troops but i do have a decent unit of them, i think that unit is actually too big, as they get eaten so fast by small arms fire, or insta-killed. and having them as a 450-ish point unit is seeming to just waste space for maybe another unit of gaunts or something. the fling guys are fast attack, so best used as a moving cover save. but i dont have any yet thier on my list of things to buy though.

i also have the problem where i want to use everything lol not camp units in the back on an objective. geuss thats a mistake too.
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PostSubject: Re: looking for help...   

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looking for help...
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